Dear all,

It was such an amazing week we had at Grabowsee. Without YOU it would not have been possible. Therefore we would like to thank you all!!
To keep this event alive and to recapitulate we are doing a documentation in the form of a catalogue. Therefore we need your help by summarizing your projects, experiences and results from this past weeks.
Every work-shop leader and artist should write a few sentences about either work-shop and /or their artwork. What materials were used, what inspired them, put it into perspective of your current work and what you wanted to express with your art at Grabowsee.
If you have good pictures of your work or the progress please share them with us. The catalogue will be in color. If you are seeking pictures please let us know, either on here or in the facebook group.
Also for people who want to write about experiences, thoughts or alternatives and possibilities where this place can head to, please write them down. It can be a short story a sentence or a drawing. Everything is welcome.
We also want to have an artist statement and a picture of you. The artist statement should not be longer then 3 sentences. It should contain your place of birth, current living place, current working situation and your contact information (blog website etc).
If you have a biger amount of photos please send us just a llink via or that our inbox is not running full.
So everyone please sent us material!
Our deadline is the 3rd of October.
The file format should be .doc
Length should be one or two pages (if you think you need more feel free).
One or two good photos (if you think you need more feel free)
Please sent your documentation to
Please sent us a postal address, where we can sent you the finished publication.
The copyrights of your pictures, text , etc will stay in your hand, even thought by sending them to us you are allowing us to publish and edit them for use in the catalogue or on our blog, website etc.
There will be also a movie documentation movie produced about this project.
So as soon as if its ready we will sent it to you.
Please help us on this publication so we can keep the Utopia of Grabowsee alive.

All the best Globe Gallery


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