Towards *Truth* Online

2pm – 6pm, Saturday 31st August 2013

A series of sessions and workshops on ‘facts’, whistle-blowing, encryption and more. The aim is to share, discuss and learn about contemporary issues and tools for privacy and better information online.

Truth online?

Themes include: whistle-blowing as journalism Snowden-Hastings-Brown, collaboration for facts online wikipedia.comwikileaks.organnotations for better facts, email encryption  and more.

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It will take place over about four hours. There will be breaks and a short film showing. People can drop into sessions as they like.

Laptop security on site

Participants who want to bring a laptop computer and keep it safe whilst they enjoy other festival events will be able to use our novel (traditional) forest burial programme.


Since we do not have safe room facilities, we will provide tools (shovel, waterproof bags, etc.) and guidance to help you bury your computer in a hidden place in the forest, marked by a secretive cairn (dramatic example shown here).

This aspect of the project aims to keep your equipment safe whilst exploring unusual methods for privacy and security in an age of digital uncertainty.


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