Archaeological Digging – Ausgrabung

We will dig this Saturday 20th April!

Let´s see what the Russians have left.
We start at Grabowsee at around 11:30 a.m. There will be also barbecue and beer in the evening.
If you need something transported to Grabowsee, please bring it on Friday to our studio at Wriezener Str. 35, 8 p.m. Vitrines for presenting the found objects will be built also on Friday, please feel free to join us!
We try to reveal some of the history of Grabowsee by found objects.
Therefore we will start digging at an old trash dump. Also things that are found on the Site will be collected. The found objects will be presented nicely in the rooms of the hospital. Please feel free to join our historical experiment.

Btw: The ‘Geigerzähler’ arrived yesterday so atomic waste we’ll find you.

Just leave a comment if you want to join!Image


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