Open Call Globe Gallery 2015

My dear Grabowsee fellows,

we`d like to invite you also this year to create with us the Globe Gallery at Grabowsee. The event takes place at the Grabowsee site between July, 11th and July 19th 2015. This year we`d like to follow the Globe Gallery concept as we did the years before. This means we create an exhibition at the last weekend all together.

During the week there is time to create artwork together in a group or alone. The day schedule is free and can be planned individually except to ours side work between 11am and 1pm.

The ideas behind the site work are two different things:

1. give something back to the area which is used by us in terms of „rent“

2. have an activity together as a group

The rest of the day is free and planned by us. This means we can have beside creating artwork, different workshops like building floats, sewing, painting, sweat lodge. Of course all participant are invited to offer an own workshop. If you are interested what was created the years before please have a look here:

The Grabowsee area is a very free area. Nevertheless everyone has to consider a few things.

There is the possibility to set up a tent or sleeping in the hey, if u haven`t an own tent. Of course you have to bring your own sleeping bag. Please prepare yourself as you would prepare for a camping trip. We are staying in old abandoned hospital in the middle of the forest which means: there is limited access to electricity and water. If you are using a smartphone please be aware that you may have no internet connectivity. Internet access cannot be provided by Globe Gallery.
The meals are prepared by ourselves. For Food we ask every participant to pay 60 Euro for the whole event. Beer, Clubmate and sparkling water will be sold for small price on site on honor basis.

We`ve a gallery space where the artwork can be set up. However, the space has to set up by us. Don`t expect a white room. We would also like to ask you to bring your own light for your room as well as extension cables. If you are using electricity please be aware there is only limited power connection in the gallery. The Power connection is limited due to the fact that we have to use a generator there.

We hope that all these things aren`t to devastating for you. The only things we`d like to point out is that we are camping in the forest and the resources are limited. But we are all looking forward to meet you at Grabowsee for creating this wonderful sense of togetherness as we did the years before.

For coming to Grabowsee we appreciate that you can find your own way to there. No matter if you like to come by bike, car or public transportation, you can find informations here:
How to get there

If you have further questions please contact us at: Please let us know if you participate by mail (Until beginning of July). The money for food can be paid cash at the arrival or can be transferred to the a bank account. Please ask by mail for details to transfer the money.

Further info can be found on the blog.